Leading The Future of Work With Jacob Morgan

I never liked the phrase soft skills.

To me, it implies that things like communication, empathy, self awareness, and emotional intelligence are less valuable and less tangible than things like reading, math, and science.

Many leaders and HR professionals actually agree that soft skills are more important now than these traditional hard skills.

It's these human soft skills that ultimately distinguish us from machines.

AI is already augmenting human decision making.

It's out thinking, out maneuvering, out strategizing and outperforming us in many capacities.

But not when it comes to the skills that make us who we are as human beings.

It's because of these “soft skills” that we were still able to bring in new customers and close deals.

We were still able to support and help each other.

And create customer and employee experiences that matter.

So let's call them what they really are, not soft skills, but skills.

Let's recognize how crucial and invaluable they truly are for our personal and professional success.


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