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Chris Yeh is one of the smartest people I've met and someone that I have known for several years. He just co-authored a book with Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman called The Alliance, about how to manage talent in a networked world. In this episode Chris and I talk about how many of the concepts in his book including what the alliance framework is, how it can be applied, the employment "tours of duty," and what the future of talent managment looks like. 


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This week we are talking about independent workers and freelancer economy which is a critical topic around the future of work. My guest this week is Gene Zaino who is the president and CEO of MPO Partners which provides support for these types of self-employed workers. In this episode we look at things such as the current state of the independent workforce, the future of employement, government rules and regulations, and the impact of the freelancer economy on how we work.


(Music by Ronald Jenkees)

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