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The role of IT inside of an organization is transforming. With all of the new technologies being created and utilized in today's workplace, there are a lot of discussions how best to expand the organizations technology infrastructure. Today’s guest on the Future of Work Podcast is Jim Fowler. Jim is the Chief Information Officer of General Electric.   This podcast discusses how IT and the CIO role in particular, is now one of the most exciting departments of an organization.   From device deployment, to production lines, and even keeping an organization secure by maintain badge security, IT touches many different activities within a company. Not only does IT touch employee facing functions, there is a lot of back end work, such as building new applications, technologies and analytics. Jim describes in detail how GE’s IT department has worked closely with other departments to create new technologies to advance the company for the future of work.

Jim has been with GE for over 15 years.  GE is a conglomerate touching many industries from power to aircraft engines to healthcare.  With over 300,000 employees in over 150 countries, Jim and his team lead all of the technology initiatives for the entire company.  Jim discusses how role of IT has changed throughout the years.  The business of IT used to be all about cost, how a company could be frugal in regards to IT to get the job done.  Now, technology is not only necessary to work, but a right for employees to have access to, Jim describes how IT how grown with its recognized value.   What we are seeing around the world, is how products are becoming more software defined. This is especially true for GE. 

What you will learn in this episode

  • Trends in Technology
  • How Technology is Impacting the Organization of the Future
  • The Role of the CIO, and How IT roles will Evolve in the Future
  • The Role of Corporate Culture and Leadership
  • Rogue Technologies in the Workplace
  • How GE is Evolving in the Future of Work
  • How Technology is Shaping the Future of Work
  • Cybersecurity in a Modern Workplace

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Jim Fowler on LinkedIn


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Today on the Future of Work Podcast, my guest is Abhijit Bhaduri, the Chief Learning Officer of Wipro Group. Wipro has almost 170,000 employees around the world in IT services. Since Abhijit is the Chief Learning Officer, today’s topic is all around the future of learning and careers.  In his role, he prepares all of the employees in the company for the future so they can be “future ready.”

Abhijit’s background has prepared him for his current role in the IT space, as he has to be able work with clients in any field.  As the Chief Learning Officer, he is able to gather information with Wipro’s customers, on where the future of work is going in their fields, and helps prepare their companies for the changes to come.  Abhijit brings his insight to future learning.  He speaks on how future learning will not be driving by others, but by what an individual wants to learn.  Learning will come from our peers, as well as the accessibility of experts and leaders in the fields in which we want to acquire more knowledge from.


What you will learn in this episode

  • How the world of learning has changed and where it is going
  • How Wipro is enabling continuous learning internally
  • Empowering employees to create shared content  
  • The idea that “People Are the Next Big App”
  • Pyramid of Skills
  • Why education is facing challenges
  • Why self-learning is crucial to the future of work


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Today’s Future of Work podcast guest is Ellyn Shook, the Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer of Accenture.  Accenture is a global professional services organization and has over 360,000 around the world.  Their mission is to help improve the way the world works and lives, and lead the digital disruption on behalf of their clients. Ellyn is responsible for leading the global team of human resources experts, who aim to deliver exceptional employee experiences for Accenture’s people.  Today, we speak on talent practices for the 21st century.  Accenture believes that the growth of their people, leads to the growth of their business.

Ellyn has been with Accenture since 1988 and became a partner in 2003. She is also on a number of boards including the advisory board of Women in Business at Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and the Women's Leadership Board of the Women and Public Policy program at Harvard's Kennedy School.  Ellyn is helping lead how the workplace is changing, not just as Accenture, but around the world as well.

What you will learn in this episode

  • Importance of Experimenting and Testing Ideas in the Workplace
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Customized Experiences for Employees
  • Changes in Annual Reviews, Bonuses, and Career Progression
  • The Role of HR and Evolution
  • How Companies are Moving Away From Multi Year Implementation Programs
  • How Accenture is Crowd-sourcing Ideas


Links from the episode

Ellyn Shook on Twitter

Ellyn Shook - Huffington Post 


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For the first Future of Work Podcast for 2016, I speak with David Rodriguez the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer of Marriott International. The topic of this podcast is all around the business impact of employee health and wellness. This is a huge theme that we will see and increase in investment for 2016 and beyond. David provides insight on why Marriott is investing in health and wellness promotions, and the benefits of healthy employees who participate in these programs.

With over 400,000 employees in their managed locations, Marriott spans 31 brands, across 100 countries all over the world. They are the largest hotel company in the world, knitted together by their people centric culture.   David has been with the company since 1998, holding the Global CHRO title since 2006. Marriot was founded on the principles that if you take care of employees, they will in turn, take care of customers; employees feeling good about themselves will be inspired to serve others. It is this belief that is utilized for business effectiveness. David shares what Marriott has implemented, and gets personal as he shares how their programs literally saved his life after his battle with leukemia. Tune in to hear that story and much more!


What you will learn in this episode

  • How Marriott takes care of its people
  • How Marriott became a Best Employer
  • Attracting and Obtaining Top Talent
  • How Health and Wellness Programs Are Used to Blend Generations
  • The Role of Leadership in Health and Wellness Programs
  • The Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry


Links from the episode

Marriott Careers

Marriott Jobs on YouTube

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