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Today on the Future of Work Podcast, my guest is Abhijit Bhaduri, the Chief Learning Officer of Wipro Group. Wipro has almost 170,000 employees around the world in IT services. Since Abhijit is the Chief Learning Officer, today’s topic is all around the future of learning and careers.  In his role, he prepares all of the employees in the company for the future so they can be “future ready.”

Abhijit’s background has prepared him for his current role in the IT space, as he has to be able work with clients in any field.  As the Chief Learning Officer, he is able to gather information with Wipro’s customers, on where the future of work is going in their fields, and helps prepare their companies for the changes to come.  Abhijit brings his insight to future learning.  He speaks on how future learning will not be driving by others, but by what an individual wants to learn.  Learning will come from our peers, as well as the accessibility of experts and leaders in the fields in which we want to acquire more knowledge from.


What you will learn in this episode

  • How the world of learning has changed and where it is going
  • How Wipro is enabling continuous learning internally
  • Empowering employees to create shared content  
  • The idea that “People Are the Next Big App”
  • Pyramid of Skills
  • Why education is facing challenges
  • Why self-learning is crucial to the future of work


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