Leading The Future of Work With Jacob Morgan

Across all my years of research and hundreds of CEO interviews, the need to provide purpose and meaning keeps coming up, but these two things aren’t the same! 

Today’s employees want to have meaning behind their jobs and work for purpose-driven leaders.

They’ll even take a lower-paying job that delivers purpose and meaning.

I put together all of my best research and takeaways into an interactive worksheet that can transform your organization to deliver more purpose and meaning for you and your teams. 

This must-have resource will help you create a stronger employee experience for current and future employees.

Tune in to this episode If you want to get it for free.


The #1 challenge for organizations right now is how to attract and retain talent. Organizations are stuck in old ways of thinking about work and they are struggling! In my new PDF, I outline 7 ways the workforce is changing and what you and your organization need to do to adapt. The Great Resignation is The Great Opportunity if you are willing to take action! Click here to download the PDF.


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