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Dan Keldsen is the author of the new book, The Gen Z Effect. In this episode of the podcast we explore who this new generation is and what their potential impact is going to be on the workplace. If you're thinking about how to adapt your organization to the future of work then Gen Z is definitely a group you need to pay attention to. Tune in to learn more!

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Wearable devices are not only taking the consumer world by storm but they are also making their way inside of our organizations. To get a better sense of how wearable devices are impacting the future of work I spoke with the CTO of Accenture Paul Daugherty and Brent Blum who is the Wearable Technology Practice Lead. If you want to know what the future of wearable devices looks like then tune in!

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Chris Yeh is one of the smartest people I've met and someone that I have known for several years. He just co-authored a book with Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman called The Alliance, about how to manage talent in a networked world. In this episode Chris and I talk about how many of the concepts in his book including what the alliance framework is, how it can be applied, the employment "tours of duty," and what the future of talent managment looks like. 

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This week we are talking about independent workers and freelancer economy which is a critical topic around the future of work. My guest this week is Gene Zaino who is the president and CEO of MPO Partners which provides support for these types of self-employed workers. In this episode we look at things such as the current state of the independent workforce, the future of employement, government rules and regulations, and the impact of the freelancer economy on how we work.

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My guest this week is Aaron Taylor Harve who is the environments design lead at Air BnB. We explore the impact that workspaces have on engagement and culture and how Aaron and AirBnB go about creating amazing workspaces for employees. Aaron also gives vauable advice for employees and organizations looking to utilize their physical space to improve how employees work and how they feel about where they work.

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What makes a company a great place to work? To learn how The Motley Fool became the #1 company in America to work for I spoke with their chief collaboration officer Todd Etter. We look at everything from their core values to their actual workplace setup. Enjoy!

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You may have heard of the sharing or collaborative economy where consumers are getting what they want from each other isntead of through corporations. But what is driving this new model, how does it impact businesses, and what does the future of the sharing economy look like? These are some of the questions we explore with my guest this week, Jeremiah Owyang, the founder of Crowd Companies.

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This week I explore privacy and security and whether or not these things exist in today's digital world. My guest is Raj Samani, a CTO with McAfeee and Internet Security Advisor to the EURPOL Cybercrime Centre. We talk about everything from cloud computing the value of personal data and information. This is a must listen for anyone that is thinking about their personal or business privacy and security. I do my very best to get Raj to admit that privacy and security are completely and utterly dead, enjoy!

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In episode 6 I speak with Jade Forester who helps run marketing and community for the Open Badge Alliance. Education today is broken and the value of traditional institutions is declining especially as the popularity of open courses such as Udemy and Coursera continues to increase. One solution to this might be open badges which are designed to represent you and your skills more accurately. In this episode Jade shares her insight around the problems with today's modern education system and how open badges can very well be the future of education. 

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Guy Halfteck, the CEO of Knack, joins me to explore how games and big data are impacting the way we attract and manage talent within organizations. This is currently a huge problem within many organizations around the world as over 70% of companies site "capability" gaps as one of their top five challenges. Can games and big data be the solution? Find out!  

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This week my guest is Charlie Green who is the co-author of The Trusted Advisor and author of Trust-Based Selling. He's a world leading authority on the subject of trust and in this episode we explore trust in the workplace, trust in our personal lives and everything in between. Definitely a must listen to episode!

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Episode 3 of the future of work podcast explores smart cities and future cities. The guest is Deb Acosta who is the chief innovation officer for the city of San Leandro. We explore topics such as transportation networks, connectivity, business culture, and how to actually create a city of the future, enjoy!

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Episode 2 of the future of work podcast explores why organization's should consider building distributed teams, what the benefits of distriuted teams are, and how to build distributed teams. We touch on flexible work, freelanacers, and telecommuting. My guest is Stephane Kasriel, the SVP of product and engineering at Elance-Odesk!

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Episode 1 explores millennials and the impact that they are having on organizations and the world in general. New York Times best-selling author and Gen Y expert Dan Schawbel is the featured guest who shares his perspective and advice for millennial employees and those working with millennials. We explore things such as generational stereotypes, how to manage millennials, recruiting and retaining millennials, generation Z (the next generation after millennials), collaboration, and much more!

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