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In today’s leadership spark, John Bacon, bestselling author of "Let Them Lead," discusses leadership principles and insights from John's book "Let Them Lead." Recounting his experience as a coach for the River Rats, John emphasizes the importance of finding the right roles for team members based on their behaviors and strengths. He highlights how crucial setting meaningful goals collaboratively with the team is, allowing them to take ownership. 

John also emphasizes the importance of genuine human connection as a leader, stating that caring about team members is the key, rather than using fear or faking connection. He shares examples from his coaching experience and stresses that leaders should care enough to guide their team members toward achieving their goals while maintaining high standards.

John Bacon is one of the 100+ CEOs I interviewed for my new book, Leading With Vulnerability, which is coming out in October. Check it out here and pre-order your copy now.


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