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In this leadership spark, John Bacon, bestselling author of "Let Them Lead," shares his coaching experience with the struggling high school hockey team called the River Rats. He talks about the team's challenges like low morale and commitment issues due to constant losses and lack of training. John stresses the importance of maintaining high standards and the tough love approach to leadership, encouraging positive attitudes and strong work ethics among the players.

While acknowledging the diversity in individual performance levels, John believes that uniform behavioral expectations must be upheld for everyone. He also highlights building trust and fostering leadership within the team. He mentions how individuals can shine in different roles. The interview wraps up by noting that like coaches, leaders should be open, growing, and guiding their teams toward success.

John Bacon is one of the 100+ CEOs I interviewed for my new book, Leading With Vulnerability, which is coming out in October. Check it out here and pre-order your copy now.


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