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In today's episode, I speak with Stephen Smith, CEO of Amsted Industries. Stephen shares his belief that vulnerability is about acknowledging that you can be wrong and being willing to expose yourself as a human being. He emphasized that showing vulnerability helps to level the playing field and eliminates defensiveness, which can hinder effective decision-making.

Stephen recounted instances where he openly admitted his ignorance during meetings, which he believes fosters a culture of learning and growth. He also highlighted the importance of sharing personal experiences, such as his joy of becoming a grandparent, to help others see him as a human being with similar joys and emotions.

We discussed the importance of balancing vulnerability with strength, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephen believes that being vulnerable can convey strength and security, and it's crucial to communicate both effectively. He also shared that he's been vulnerable in his personal life, such as taking piano lessons at 65 and performing in a recital alongside a five-year-old prodigy.

Stephen believes that living a life where you're not always the powerful person but sometimes the vulnerable one is important, especially as a leader.

Stephen Smith is one of the 100+ CEOs I interviewed for my new book, Leading With Vulnerability, which is coming out in October. Check it out here and pre-order your copy now.


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