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You can be a 37 times better leader than you are now, and it won’t require a crazy massive transformation.

All you have to do is improve yourself 1% a day. By the end of the year, you will be 37 times better.

And this doesn't just apply to leadership, this can apply to anything.

It means taking 10 to 15 minutes a day to watch or listen to something new to learn a new skill.

It means recognizing an employee for the hard work they’ve been doing.

It means spending time with someone who doesn't look like you, act like you, think like you, behave like you, or even believe in the same things you believe.

It means saying “I don't know” during a team meeting to embrace humility and vulnerability.

It means having a conversation with somebody and truly listening to them, not just hearing them.

That's what 1% a day looks like. Being a better leader doesn't have to be hard. Improving anything doesn't have to be hard.


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