Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan

Jobs aren’t like keys--You don’t just lose them, they get taken away from you.

Some people are worried about losing their jobs to technology, but what really happens is that their jobs get taken away because of technology.

There are two ways this can happen.

The first way is if the company consciously decides it wants to replace humans with robots and that it no longer wants humans running the organization.

Thankfully, what we’ve been seeing is the opposite.

We see organizations like Accenture that automated 10,000 jobs but didn't lose a single person. They upskilled all of their employees.

The second way is if you let AI take your job. This happens if you just watch the world change and do nothing.

You have to become a perpetual learner. You have to learn how to learn. You need to be able to apply those things frequently and do it quickly.

You need to future-proof yourself. You can't rely on companies and educational institutions to teach you everything you need to know to be successful.


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