Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan

Self-awareness is one of the most important things to have as a leader.

An effective way to practice self-awareness is to know what others think of you.

Other people's opinions of you are often very different from your opinion of yourself.

You need to encourage people to give you constructive feedback.

But you can’t just call people up and ask what they think of you.

Once you collect this information, you can compare it to your list of how you think about yourself.

This will help you assess yourself and improve on the areas you are struggling with.

This episode of Future of Work is supported by Teamistry, a podcast that tells the stories of teams who work together in new and unexpected ways… to beat the odds.

Each episode tells a unique story and provides practical lessons for your team and your business. I got a sneak peek of season 2 and was immediately sucked in with its documentary-style narration, details about stories I thought I knew but didn’t, and practical lessons that I was able to apply to my business. Check it out here.


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