Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan

Creating a true human organization has been a topic for decades and there has been a lot of smart people, wonderful books, case studies and research reports out there that talks about leadership, employee experience, and management skills. 


But still, a lot of organizations all over the world struggle to embrace these things. Still, a lot of employees out there don't like their jobs. So a part of me wonders,  does any of the work that I do matter? Why isn't change happening? why do these companies still exist?


Then I remember the emails I get or the stories I hear from all of you about how change is happening in your organization. It might be hard for us to see change because it takes time, but change is truly happening.


It's like going to the gym. I have no idea how long it’s gonna take for you to look better or feel better, but I know that over time, as you exercise and eat healthier, you’re gonna start to look a little bit better and feel a little bit better. One day you will wake up and look and the mirror and think “I look and feel pretty darn amazing!: Stay optimistic. You too overtime, will start noticing change.

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