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What this episode is about and why you should care

This week’s episode of the Future of Work Podcast features two very special guests from Skillsoft. Skillsoft is a technology company that produces learning management systems and the content that goes with them.  My two guests are Jerry Nine, the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Skillsoft, and John Ambrose, who is the Senior VP of Strategy and Corporate Development.   We speak on self-developing organizations and individualized learning.  Self developing organizations and focus on learning is a huge part of the future of work.

Skillsoft was started with the vision to leverage the internet to scale.  Meaning, previously many individualized learning opportunites had taken place through physical methods such as CD-ROM or VHS tapes.   As technology evolved, individualized learning has grown to match.  Starting in soft skills, Skillsoft has created many engaging learning opportunities that can be utilized for all learning styles.  Technology can catapult the way organizations and people preform.  Skillsoft has made it their personal mission to improve the performance of organizations by improving the performance of their employees.  Self-developing organizations are able to make transformations from current internal education and training programs to more compelling and effective for platforms for employees and organizations.


What you will learn in this episode

  • What is a Self-Developing Organization?
  • Broader Shifts on the Changing Workplace
  • Challenge With Current Education Systems Today
  • Evolution of Learning and Development
  • Corporate Culture
  • Employee Accountability in Upskilling
  • Big Data in Learning and Education

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