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Today's episode is with Roel Vestjens, Former CEO of Belden. We explored a wide range of topics, focusing on leadership, vulnerability, and personal growth. Roel shared his experiences and insights into the company's global operations and his time in Asia, where he learned valuable lessons about cultural sensitivity. We discussed the importance of vulnerability in leadership, with Roel emphasizing humility, openness, and the balance between vulnerability and strength.

We also discuss Roel's personal journey, including his early aspirations to become a CEO and how he navigated his career to achieve this goal. Throughout our conversation, Roel's emphasis on being human, approachable, and willing to learn from others resonated with me. His insights into embracing vulnerability and the qualities that have shaped him as a leader provided a compelling perspective on leadership and success at Belden. It was an enlightening conversation that offered valuable lessons for leaders at all levels.

Roel Vestjens is one of the 100+ CEOs I interviewed for my new book, Leading With Vulnerability, which is coming out in October. Check it out here and pre-order your copy now.


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