Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan

Why did Blockbuster really go bankrupt and what did Google have to do with it? Today I'm joined by James Keyes who is the visionary CEO behind three mega successful companies: 7-Eleven, Blockbuster, and Wild Oats. He's also the author of "Education Is Freedom: The Future Is In Your Hands."

Today we're exploring how Jim increased the shareholder value at 7-Eleven by 10x, the challenges of navigating Blockbuster through the 2008 financial crisis and the rise of streaming platforms, and why Jim's philosophy of "Change Equals Opportunity" has yielded so much success.

Discover the critical role of effective communication, how to genuinely engage with your team, and the secrets to cultivating a culture of relentless positivity and innovation. James Keyes lays bare the foundational pillars of leadership that not only build empires but also foster the growth of those who make them.



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