Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan

True corporate responsibility has always been about more than words. According to Horst Schulze, Former CEO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, leadership is all about connection, purpose, and clarity. In our latest discussion with Horst, we delved into his journey in the hotel industry, from a 14-year-old busboy to a pivotal figure at Ritz Carlton. He reflects on the industry's evolution, transitioning from intuition-driven decisions to a structured approach. 

Hosrt critiques the modern overdependence on technology in hiring, suggesting it often overlooks the best candidates. Emphasizing leadership over mere management, he underscores the need for genuine human connection, purpose, and clear communication in businesses. He touches on corporate social responsibility, noting that while it's more vocalized today, its essence isn't new. Our conversation highlights the scarcity of true leaders in today's corporate landscape.


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