Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan

Ever wonder how self-aware leaders lead an organization to success? This might just be what you’re missing in your leadership journey. In my chat with Cameron Herald, Founder of the COO Alliance, we delved into the paramount importance of self-awareness and introspection in both our personal and professional lives. We tackled the role of innovative companies like Kindle in shaping the future of work and emphasized the value of tools like "mind maps" for planning and visualization. 

For individuals, allocating time for self-reflection is crucial, with even small changes, like watching less TV, making a significant difference. According to Cameron, effective leadership is characterized by a commitment to nurturing team skills and confidence, while avoiding pitfalls like silos and politics. The best leaders prioritize the broader organizational goals over departmental interests. They understand that true professional fulfillment and effective leadership arise from aligning personal values with the right work environment and emphasizing collective achievements over individual ambitions.


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