Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan

Whether you lead a team of thousands, a team of hundreds, or a team of five, you should have executive presence. While executive presence alone most likely won’t get you promoted or keep you in your current role, it is something that will set you apart. It is also a huge part of motivating and inspiring your team.

So what is executive presence? That is exactly what we are talking about today. Tom Henschel is the host of The Look & Sound of Leadership, which has been airing since 2008. Tom is also a communications coach for executives at companies like Warner Bros, Toyota, Mattel, and Sony Pictures.

Tom is president of the executive development firm Essential Communications. He was also classically trained at The Juilliard School, Drama Division. Tom was a professional actor for more than 20 years and has appeared in over 100 plays, films and TV episodes.

In this episode of the podcast we explore:

  • How Steve went from acting to coaching executives
  • What is executive presence and why is it so important
  • Do you need executive presence in order to be a leader?
  • The aspect of executive presence that leaders struggle with
  • How to have executive presence in a virtual world
  • Action items leaders can implement today to create executive presence
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