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My guest this week for the Future of Work Podcast is Dr. J.R. Reagan, the Global Chief Information Security Officer at Deloitte.  We speak on the importance of being social inside and outside of a company.  While Dr. Regan’s title alludes that he would not advocate for being social outside of a company, this is not the case.  There are advantages to using multiple types of social media that can benefit a company and individual employees.  While there are many traditional ways of completing tasks, working and doing the same tasks just because of tradition is not the most beneficial.  Using internal social tools can assist in modernizing an organization and connecting with the emerging workforce. 

At Deloitte, Dr. Regan’s responsibilities are to protect the firm’s information across more than 150 countries, inside and outside of the company, for over 210,000 people.  Dr. Regan reflects on the previous notion that being social at work is taboo, and would cause employees to become unproductive.  Today, social assists in spreading ideas, and flattens our world. Many social platforms have become standard business tools. Dr. Regan highlights how using some of the social media platforms internally can be used as new communication devices in an organization.  Using social media platforms externally, can bring networking opportunities and even help save time when communicating in our personal lives.  Being social is now becoming a natural part of daily lives and embracing it, brings many benefits for our careers and the future of work.


What you will learn in this episode

  • How Can People Be Social Inside a Company
  • How Can People be Social Outside of a Company
  • What It Means To Be Social
  • The Benefits of Being Social
  • The Role of Innovation and Social
  • How to Become Social


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