The Future of Work With Jacob Morgan

Pick up any leadership book that's out there, including mine, and you'll find a list of things leaders do.

But have you ever wondered about the things great leaders DON’T do?

1. They don't ignore criticism. Successful leaders are willing to take that criticism and feedback and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

2. They don't let their emotions take control of them. Great leaders don't make rash decisions or blow up when something goes wrong.

3. They don't avoid responsibility for their choices. A great leader is able to stand by their actions. Even if they make a mistake, they acknowledge it and take responsibility.

4. They don’t break their commitments. Great leaders stand by their word. If they say they’ll do something or be somewhere, then they do it, and they show up when they need to be there.

5. They never say never. Great leaders look forward and constantly consider the big picture. They don't limit their thinking by saying, we're never going to try that, that will never work.

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