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The world as we know it is becoming more and more connected. But, what will a world look like when devices as small as your watch to as large as a jet engine are all connected to each other and to people? In this episode of the future of work podcast, I speak with Rich Carpenter who is the Chief of Strategy for GE in their Intelligent Platforms division. Rich shares fascinating insight around how connected machines (usually very large machines) and devices are going to impact our economy, our jobs, and our future. He shares several examples and provides some great advice for business leaders and employees alike. Rich also touches on the importance of creating more data scientist jobs at companies around the world. This is definitely an interesting look at what the "industrial internet" is going to look like, we even touch on the possibility of a Skynet-like scenario happening! Listen to learn more!

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Toni Cusumano is a Principal and Technology Sector Human Capital Leader at PwC, and she and her team have been spending a lot of time exploring what the future of work is going to look like. They have created three scenarios or "worlds" that might play out: the orange world, the green world, and the blue world. In this episode of the future of work podcast, Toni shares what the difference between these worlds is and what organizations should be thinking about. We talk about everything from technology and Millennials to talent management and workplace trends. It's definitely an important episode to listen to if you want to know the direction that work is headed in. Tune in to learn more!

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This week’s episode of the future of work podcast is one of my favorites. I talk with Salim Ismail, Founding Executive Director of Singularity University, and co-author of “Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it).” I had a fascinating conversation with Salim covering a lot of topics — jobs and technology to exponential organizations to employee tenure, and more. To sum it up, it’s all about disruption — how do you deal with disruption in this world that we are approaching? Salim describes it best as “you are either the disruptor or you are being disrupted.” Salim provides a very fascinating perspective on what the future of work is going to look like that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. Listen in and tell me what you think!

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Spiceworks is the world's largest community of global IT professionals that come together online and offline. Spiceworks was recently named by Glassdoor as one of the world's best companies to work for and they have received numerous other similar awards. In this episode of the future of work podcast I talk with Scott Abel, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Spiceworks. We explore some of the things that he does to create such a great place to work. From having "slices with Scott" where employees can ask Scott absolutely any question to having open-door meetings with venture capitalists, Scott may just be running one of the world's most open and transparent companies. According to Scott, being open and transparent is one of the best ways to build trust and engagement. Tune in to learn more!

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MuleSoft is another organization that was recently ranked by Glassdoor as one of the best places to work in America and they have also won plenty of other awards for being a great place to work. According to Greg Schott, the CEO of MuleSoft, the key is creating a great corporate culture. I had the pleasure of visiting MuleSoft's offices in San Francisco to speak with Greg in person. In this episode of the future of work podcast Greg shares some of the things he does at his company to help make sure his employees are engaged, happy, and always doing their best. Greg is one of the few CEO's I know who personally interviews every new candidate that applies for a job. This means many hundreds of interviews a year. Listen in to learn what else Greg does to create a great corporate culture.

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The "skills gap" is inarguably one of the biggest threats for modern day workplaces. Many employers say they can't fill open jobs and employees say that they aren't getting the proper education and training at their companies. So what's the solution? In this podcast, Udemy CEO Dennis Yang shares his perspective on mitigating the skills gap, and how his company is helping people learn and acquire new skills while preparing workers for a future that holds untold possibilities.

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How does a nuclear submarine captain take one of the lowest performing vessels and make them one of the top performing ones? David Marquet did just that and he explains how he did it in his new book, "Turn the Ship Around." In this episode of the podcast David shares some of the ideas and insights from his book where he provides a contrarian model for leadership in the coportate environment called "leader-leader." Learn how David empowers his team and creates leaders out of everyone!

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Many people are already using technology to track things in their personal lives such as food they eat, steps they take, sleeping patterns, and much more. However, what if we took this same approach of the "quantified self" and applied it to creating the "quantified workplace?" That is, using data and technology to measure and track how we work. In this podcast I talk with Kris Duggan the CEO of BetterWorks that allows organizations to do just that but setting and measuring their goals and objectives. Is the quantified workplace the future of work or is it a bit too much? Listen to find out!

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F5 Networks recently made it to "Glassdoor's prestigious list of the Top 50 Places to Work in America" and was ranked #4 out of the "large companies" category. This podcast has Staffing Director, Richard James offering an insider view of F5 Networks–the company, core values, the work culture, people, and much more. Tune in to learn why F5 Networks is one of the best places to work in America!

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In an effort to provide company and job transparency, Glassdoor stands out to be a popular name for employees and employers alike. Vested with tons of valuable information, including company salaries, work culture, open positions, employee reviews, Glassdoor is certainly making a foray into redefining the future of work. With their newly released list of "Top 50 Places to Work" (featuring the top 50 SMBs and top 50 large companies to work for in America), David Staney and Lisa Holden offer a glimpse inside the company and what goes on behind putting together the list for "Best places to work." They also talk about their recent findings, lessons learned, and tips for companies who wish to make it to the prestigious list.

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